Atelier NAUWAU takes care of trees, during and after life. It has it's roots in tree surgery, an utmost honest profession with the primary goal of which is to extend the life of the tree. 

Atelier NAUWAU cares for wood. Arborists deal with large amounts of wood (waste) on a daily basis and more often than not, this ends up as firewood without so much as a second thought. NAUWAU re-uses the wood more (eco-)logically: as a material to replant nature. They already savedmore than 18 Belgian trees. 

Atelier NAUWAU does not design. As a result of their admiration for nature, NAUWAU tries to maintain and replant the exceedingly features of the tree to create genuine objects with one design guideline: the tree already has a definite design, only it's function needs to be reinterpret.