Hvid /vid/ adjective, Danish, meaning white /(h)wīt/

the color of milk or fresh snow; purity, innocence.

Hvid is a soft knitwear brand 100% made of natural materials offering long lasting wearables and products for you and your little ones.

Proudly made by caroline camerlynck, the finest knitting designs and high quality elements blend perfectly together in a durable Belgian collection. Durable and pure as white, durable and pure as “hvid”. Only from the best natural materials and respectful cooperations.

Hvid takes you back to the pureness in life.


100% natural materials

All our products are 100% natural, made out of wool or cotton. This means that the threads are not mixed with acrylic fibres or synthetic fibres.

Our designs are timeless so they are made to last.


100% Belgian

The collection is always made in a small family factory in Belgium with who we work closely together. It is very important for us that our products are made in Belgium. We provide local work and couldn't do without their skills.